My Relationship with Summer.

Me: I’m so sorry that I took you for granted. Please come back.

Summer: It’s too late. I’m gone.

Me: Is this all over that one time I stayed inside on the couch all day long in the ac to watch movies on TBS?

Summer:You were hung over! Don’t lie to me.

Me: I was, um-err, I um, had some bad turkey.

Summer:It was beautiful outside and you had well into the 10 o’ clock hour to show your appreciation for me. But noo.

Me: Please! I miss your warmth, watching baseball games, and our cookouts.

Summer:Cookouts!?? Cookouts?? You mean Chipotle? “For here”.

Me:What about all our trips to Jacky’s Depot?

Summer: Oh, no you didn’t! “Cones”, In a to go cup? Hardly a “trip” to get ice cream.

Summer:There was someone else wasn’t there? You’re with Autumn again, aren’t you?

Me: It was one football game. I swear. We only lasted to Halloween then I was sick of her. You think I enjoy raking her leaves?

Me:Come back. What about our matching flip flops and aviator glasses. Outdoor concerts and boat trips?

Summer: I’m gone. I’m done. You had a good thing.

Me: You’ll be back.


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