Welcome to Marriageville; Population: Everyone.

I had once convinced myself that fate surrounded everyone on a daily basis. That merely turning left, instead of right was already an unforeseeable conclusion. Leading to my long acceptance of sitting at a table of three. What has happened? How did this belief in fate seem to turn a blind eye to my ambitious hope to find someone to eventually share my life with?

It seems just like yesterday that I was in the same boat as all my friends. I looked down for one second and they all jumped out and instantaneously arose married with three kids. Where suddenly I was not only alone but now the definition of minority. I was once in a place that being single and not having any children yet seemed appropriate and responsible to “there must be something wrong with him”, in a blink of an eye. Life does move pretty fast and I can’t lean on the notion of fate any longer.

I’ve continued to “paddle” through life. Refusing to think less of my purpose and what it has become because it has seemed to often diminish instead of expand. Companionship is tremendous and when you mix that with friendship, passion, devotion and love – it’s something that should be cherished and never assumed.

You have to believe in something. When you no longer believe in yourself, another, a purpose or passion and any faith of sorts- you stop living. I believe in chance. It’s taken over my interpretation of fate. Every day, every morning and every moment, we are awarded decisions. Thousands of them. No matter how minor or how big, they lead us towards opportunity. In return, that gives us options that are limitless. Have you given yourself a chance? A chance to allow someone the opportunity to love you in a matter that no one else can. Everyone deserves that. Everyone has someone out there to fulfill every notion of opportunity they wish to accomplish in life.

In this exact moment, here and now, I want that opportunity. That is why I took the chance by being here. I want to allow myself the option I deserve, we all deserve. In reality, we are mostly all here for the same reasons- and no matter how different we all are, we all want the ability to be in the company of another. Our purpose in life to run a country, to teach children, build a home, patrol our streets, or clean our waste is all a notion that when everything is said and done and your life flashes before your eyes can just be interpreted as materialistic. To touch or change a life for the better is anything but. A stranger, friend, or co-worker can allow you that opportunity for enlightenment but someone you wake up to in the morning can enrich your life to unmeasurable proportions that can’t ever be replaced. Your job, money, home, looks; all superficial. Finding someone that cares about your well being day in and day out is the greenest of all grass. Don’t take for granted where you stand in life because no matter what it looks like on the other side of that fence, think about why you are where you are. How you allowed yourself to be where you physically stand in life. Who around you allows you to love them. Because being loved can never overcome the ability to love. That’s who you need to admire. Those are people who should be recognized on a daily basis and what ultimately allows us to succeed in life.

While I paddle alone, sit in odd numbers, and rewrite the theory of fate, I shall try to create my opportunity that I know exists.


8 responses to “Marriageville

  1. I think you are convince that you will never get married and children.

    Stop worrying about what others think and live.

    Let go and let god

  2. Kinda acward for me to ask u this but Would u like to grab a drink after work sometime? Sry i had to ask you on here

      • Well ill leave it up to you if you would like to go sometime my number is 517-662-9707. And its jessie šŸ™‚ no worries if you dont call.

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