R.A.K it.

I truly love what I do on a daily basis at work (for the most part). Well, the part that allows me to be creative. Sometimes I burst at the seams when I am passionate about an idea that allows me to freely express myself. It’s somewhat limited where I work, but I am grateful for any moment that allows me to expand on what I honestly consider a hobby. Someday, I hope to be able to continue it on a daily basis. I took the graphic art program home so I could practice and experiment on a few things, outside the box. In return, on my free time, I sold a few designs. Not for much, but just enough for me to make tonight possible. It has contributed to my true passion and that is a full circle that I will gladly embrace.

Instagram has become a passion for me. Unlike Facebook, it’s a way to connect with people you do not know and to see the world through their eyes. I find it unbelievably powerful and yet it’s currently no where near it’s full potential. My true passion is to make a difference. Small differences each and every day. I had this idea of R.A.K (Random Acts of Kindness) for awhile. I also wish to expand and use donations through the use of Instagram. The greatest and by far the ultimate gift I can give myself is to give to others. I want to do that and feel just as happy knowing that even a thanks is not necessary. I do not need anything in return and in fact, I feel selfish for doing this because it is somewhat intended to put a smile upon my own face. That’s the guilt I wish to endure.

I bought dozens of thank you cards, gift cards, lotto tickets, and utilized several dollar bills; thanks to the few designs that I sold. I placed them on balloons, in envelopes, and in my backpack to randomly place in mailboxes, windshields, sidewalks, and over rainbows as I gladly walked throughout town at dusk. I know very well that some of the greatest acts of kindness are smiles, hugs, and lending an ear. Without a doubt, I plan to elaborate on that every day as a goal to myself. Life isn’t always happy go lucky and I am well aware of this and I unfortunately contribute my part to the world’s sorrows. However, it’s all about making an effort to limit these now and throughout the rest of my lifetime.

I hope to continue R.A.K, and perhaps hear or see about these results on Instagram. Nonetheless, that is the least important aspect regarding tonight’s objective. Being passionate to do something and be creative sparks a smile on my face that is greater than any gift I could ever receive in return. I feel truly blessed to have been given this desire to make others happy. It without a doubt can be contributed to my family and my belief in Karma. What an amazing night – I am beyond thankful..


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