900 Seconds In Your Bucket.

Imagine that you can’t jump out of an airplane, run a marathon, learn to play an instrument, or set foot on every continent. You can’t drive thirty miles, listen to an entire cd, or even take a three mile walk. There are no buckets and absolutely no pencils for any list. Time starts immediately and if you thought about grabbing your keys and jumping into your car, you’re more than likely down to at least thirteen minutes. Almost every night, I lie in bed and torture myself with one hypothetical question. I ask myself one every night and I attempt to give the most honest answer possible-even if I hate to admit it. In life, we are both blessed and cursed with the unknown; until now.

You have fifteen minutes to live. What do you do?

Do you call someone, write a note, lay in the grass, admit the truth, give a hug, or say a prayer? This question intrigues me more than any other. Probably a contribution to some restless nights where my mind races to find the perfect answer. However, no matter the answer, or where you are, it’s more than likely something rather simple, or daring, but importantly, an act that would make you happy. It’s probably a comfort feeling that could make you feel just for deciding that this could very well be the final notion in your now expected passing. Whatever the case may be, it’s something you may not have put much thought in or realized its true importance in your life; until now. This is an importance than needs to become more recognizable and attempted on a daily basis. Think about what that is and why it is something you may not do on a regular basis. Sometimes, we are cursed by taking these events for granted because we are not aware or willing to admit that our fifteen minutes could start at any given moment. Although, if we treat each day as our fifteen minutes, we will be able to take giant strides in limiting our last minute life regrets. The simplest things in life that make us happy are often the most rewarding. So, imagine how many buckets filled with 900 seconds you could empty if you honor your final wish once a day for the rest of your life.

What would you do? Do it- for yourself.



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