The Fog Is About To Roll In.

There are a lot of organizations around Toledo that promote engaging people and inspiring changes. I’m hesitant to comment on their intentions because I have very little knowledge pertaining to their mission statements and goals. If I had to make a blind guess, I’d say Bar Louie is getting an extreme makeover. Intentions are often strong but they lack the priority and leadership that can be provided in order to make the lasting changes in our community.

The odds (for me) of starting a non-profit organization are slim to none. My patience wears thin and I’m victim to the lack of instant gratifications and results that promote the potential to move forward. I severely and inadequately miss the knowledge that is necessary to begin the process towards my good will within Toledo. However, I want to help. I want to make differences. I selfishly need meaning and purpose in this life I lead. Sometimes, I believe Heaven and Hell exists within our selves and the thought of an afterlife merely promotes the inspiration for good deeds. Giving, helping, supporting, and kindness are all feelings of heaven and although this is a debate for another day, being given the opportunity to feel this way, everyday, is a blessing. A chance to achieve inner peace and make the best of the gifts in our lives.

If there was an idea scale of one to a hundred, one being just the thought, this would be a two. A few of my friends and I have been throwing around ideas of donating, supporting, and giving. Not by meeting in a bar, ringing a bell, or holding out a fireman’s boot on a street corner. Rather something that will make someone in need feel loved. A way we can gather people together, meet new people, and help someone in need; with fun and unique intentions and ideas.

There are so many possibilities, and this is one that stands strongly within my heart. Fog. Flashes Of Gratitude. I realize that flash mobs are on the tail end of their prominent moment of popularity, but the concept of a flash mob with the focus of intentions with generosity can rise. The concept is rather simple. Once a month, we nominate/promote someone or something in need through social media. People can write in, or designate someone that needs a helping hand to get back on their feet. Even if it’s just the gesture that counts. We designate a time and spot at the end of the month to FOG them. A free cookout for homeless with donations. Toys at a children’s hospital. A line of hugs. Clothing drives. Yard/House work. Clean up.

This entire process could take, at most, one hour of your time each month. Then, if desired, we would have cookouts, play bocce, dinner, or just gather and meet new people to discuss new ideas and concepts. It’s a win/win idea that primarily promotes helping people in need within the city we live and love.

Possible? Hope so.


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