No Religious Preference.

Believing in hope for unexplainable, yet inevitable actions is exactly why we wake up each and every morning. Without explanations and optimistic proven results, we surrender our souls to relinquish any or all promise of self worth to the fate of our last gasp of air and ultimately to the mystery that follows thereafter. I grew up without religion. In fact, I knew of church as a place I’d sit with my grandmother for an hour until we could go out for breakfast. In between sitting, singing, and standing, I knew of prayer as I time I’d tell a loved one that had passed that I loved and missed them. I stand firm with my ideals of believing in something and that is the extent of my religion. I’m not baptized and my knowledge of any religion is thin. I believe in good will, love, compassion, kindness, and making the world a better place when you leave it. I believe that if my intentions are strong and my heart is heavy, I will accept any fate that is brought down upon me. There are far too many religions to throw out the concept of solely being the best individual you can be to humanity and for the future existence of the human race; to disregard another’s religious preference.

Other than believing in strictly being well behaved, I do believe in Jesus and God, and the after life. Often, I believe life in this world is hell, and regardless of good or bad actions, each of our times will come when we may be fortunate to enter heaven when we finally realize our intentions and capabilities for good faith . I imagine our next adventure to be entirely full of love and understanding. Worries, hatred, and prejudice are no longer an issue. Our senses derive from the center of our soul and that can and will not pass judgment. In this life, our eyes blind our hearts and lead us to temptations that test our judgments. Every day we are faced with decisions; right or left, right or wrong. Every morning in which we awake, we are given an opportunity that allows us to learn from our mistakes as opposed to being punished for them. It’s with growth and the knowledge we gain from our past that allows us to correct our actions in order to become a better human being.

Family, friends, co-workers, and strangers help guide you in the right direction. We are being pushed and pulled in multiple paths that often seem to be well out of our conscious control. It’s how we overcome these obstacles and who we surround ourselves with on a daily basis that will mold us into the individual we strive to be. It’s extremely difficult to discuss religion, especially for me. I’m sure there are a ton of religious beliefs that I do not agree with. For example, I strongly believe in Christianity, however I really don’t believe (in) Christians. I do not believe in any religion, Christianity or another, that passionately despises another’s faith. If we could all just be happy with what we believe in and not what “they” do, the world would become a much better place. Do not preach something that you can not practice. Stop living your life in sin and think you are saved after walking out of a building late Sunday morning. Your five dollar donation along with your confession isn’t going to justify laying your hands upon a woman or child. Your actions in life behind closed doors are just as recognizable as the time you volunteered in the soup kitchen during the Christmas of 1986.

Forgive me if I have passed my own judgment upon any religion and especially faith in the belief of anything that allows you to take the necessary strides to better yourself and those around you. Beliefs are strong personal opinions that to me, are never intended to become persecuted. However, they have and this has lead to wars and unfortunately death for standing up for what you believe to be true. I live my life to the best of my ability to never intentionally discriminate or hurt another. I do not care what race, religion, sex, sexual preferences you have, just as long as you’re not a Republican. (lighthearted). I just don’t want to be force-fed your reasons as to why believing in anything is wrong. Not believing is what’s wrong with society. It corners us into becoming just like most single-minded Catholics who predominately care about what is seen on the outside and how they are perceived in order to get through the gates of Heaven.

Practicing religion is not a priority to me. It fascinates me to possibly try and understand the views each has without trying to tell them that it’s wrong. Can You or I believe that it’s wrong? Sure. Should you tell them that it’s wrong? No. Get out of here with that hatred. I know I’m opening up a door that can smack me in return, but I’ve seen enough to form my own personal opinions and feel secure enough in making them be known. I am going to the Buddhist Temple on Wednesday because I feel this is something that I can grasp. If I do, or do not, I am content with the simplicity of love and kindness with the proper intentions. Love is the most powerful emotion that you can share and practice. It’s derived from our souls and is unconditionally given to everyone at one time or another. What we choose to do with that is the religion I want to believe in.



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