Innocence Lost.


In even the most horrific moments in life, I somehow view them differently than most. My heart is heavy and the four words; Hug your children tighter, has been echoed repeatedly throughout every social media outlet I’ve ventured through during the past twenty-four hours. Without reiterating what seems logical and expressing yet another opinion that will go unnoticed due to topical overload, I want to share what goes through my mind. A single, middle-aged man, with no children. I hardly know any details, nor do I want to. Nothing is going to change what has happened, and hopefully we make sure it never does again.

I think about the suspect being born. I think about the innocence of birth and how it will never be as pure ever again as it was in that exact moment. I think about him being held in his mothers arms, as his tiny hands grasp her fingers. I imagine her looking into his eyes and smiling. She thinks about hope and endless opportunity. That without her nurture, he would not survive. I do not know how his childhood upbringing may or may not have contributed to a mindset that no one in this world can relate to. However, I think about how evil is never born. That even the worst souls have loved and felt loved. That at one point or another, he had smiled and brought joy to this world. Unspeakable actions, such as this, will diminish those memories. I am sadden tremendously by the thought that good can turn to evil. That innocence is lost in all sense of the matter; for what was undeservingly taken away from what was once his very own hope. To make strangers suffer in your own pain, instead of realizing that life has choices that do not require the unthinkable action. Hatred is a fuse that effects anyone that does not refuse to contribute wrong by passing it upon the innocent. Let it stop with you. Stand up for the good in what you know exists and defuse the very thought of hatred. Let go of the evils of yesterday, by focusing upon the joys of today.


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